Editor choice DOVPO Topside 200W Squonk mod Review

DOVPO Topside 200W Squonk mod Review

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dovpo-topside-dual-200W-colorsDOVPO Topside 200W Dual Squonk Mod Review

From Great Power Comes Great Simplicity

Brian The Vapor Chronicles

The Most anticipated Dovpo dual battery squonk mod for 2019 is finally here. The new DOVPO Topside 200W Squonk mod is the successor of the single battery 90w Squonk mod. They designed the new squonk mod in collaboration with Brian from the Vapor Chronicles and Dovpo. The new dual-battery 200w Topside squonking device addressed the low battery life of the single topside 90W. I could definitely state the new dual topside stays true to its statement.

Topside was the worlds first to introduce top-fill squonking device, and this enables the vaper to refill e-liquid from the top of the mod without removing the squeeze bottle. I will explain all the features of the Dovpo x TVC step by step in this review so Let’s get started with the design and features of the mod.

Before we start the review, we would like to thank vaporfi.com Please don’t forget to check out https://vaporfi.com for all your vaping gear.

Design & Diversity

At vape hybrid we are all about innovative vaping designs, where designers take old concepts and redesign innovative products. Not only look good but address vaping needs and issues. We can see DOVPO  listen to their customers and redesigned a mod that caters to the masses of squonkers around the globe.

The device has excellent form factor and contours around the battery and bottle compartments giving you nice beautifully curved edges that are a pleasure to hold.  The original double-barrel design inspired Dovpo TVC.

Let’s discuss the key features of the Dovpo Topside 200W Dual Squonk


Let’s start from the top of the Dovpo topside 200W Squonk mod. The 510 connector is spring-loaded and leak-resistant. The 510 base contains a Delrin insulator that can easily fit a 25 mm Atty with ease. 30 mm Atty shows a slight overhang.

Right next to the 510 you see slightly raise top cap which is the most intriguing part of the mod. You might wonder how the top fill mechanism works.



Look at the picture above you will see a little tiny hole that is the tube that goes inside the bottle and connects the e-liquid to the RDA. The tube acts like a pipeline that connects the e-liquid inside the bottle with the RDA. Aka The Bridge Connect squonking system. Another cool feature is they magnetize the top cap, so after you remove it, you can stick it to the bottom of the mod.

Note: Because the tube works on a suction mechanism you must not fill e-juice right to the top of the bottle. You should only fill e-liquid up to the bottle stainless steel trim.


How to remove the Dovpo Topside 200W Squonk bottle.

One of the critical points Brian was stressing about was to avoid any leakage into the battery compartment and interface, place the mod vertical at 90 angles when removing the squonk bottle.



The Squonk bottle on the DovpoTopside 200W mod offers a sizeable 10ml capacity squeeze bottle. That is reverse compatible with the old single battery 90W Topside bottle and sled. Additionally, you will receive 2x 10ml squonk bottles inside the box.

0.96 inch (2.44 cm) OLED Screen was not bright in outdoor use. However, t the black and white color scheme does excellent indoors.

The Menu system is standard and reminded me of the Geekvape Agis Legend menu system.



Here is a complete walkthrough how to use the Menu system on Dual Topside 200W

Hold Fire Button and “-” Button to enter Menu. 






POWER: Or Wattage Mode.

  • Press “+” or “-” to adjust wattage in 0.5W increment when it’s under 100W or in 1W when it’s over 100W.
  • Hold “+” or “-” to cause the wattage to scroll more quickly.
  • When the device is standing by (Not in use), all values displayed on the screen are calculated values.
  • When firing the device, the values will be real-time values.
  • Note: Resistance will always be the real-time value.


squonk-mod-features-dovpo-dual-screen-settings-vv-modeVariable Voltage

  • Press “+” or “-” to adjust the voltage in 0.1v increment from 1.0v to 12.0v. Hold “+” or “-” button to cause the energy to scroll more quickly.




squonk-mod-features-dovpo-dual-screen-settings-TC-modeTemperature Control Mode

  • (Ni, Ti, Ss316) When in Temperature Control Mode
  • press or hold “+” or “-” button to adjust the temperature. When temperature value reaches the highest/lowest point in Celsius or Fahrenheit, press “+” or “-” again to switch from °F to °C or °C to °F.
  • To adjust pre-heat power in Temperature Control Mode, hold both Fire Button and “+” button for 1 second, wattage value will flash, you can adjust the wattage by pressing/holding “+” or “-” switch.



squonk-mod-features-dovpo-dual-screen-settings-TCR-modeTCR Mode

  • You can adjust TCR value from 0.00010
  • (010 on display)to 0.00999 ( 999 on-screen) for a more accurate temperature control vaping experience.






  • Enter the “STATS” menu; it shows you how many puffs and how much time you vaped the device since the last reset.
  • There are two options in the submenu, to reset or exit to the previous menu.
  • The screen will go dim after 15 seconds of inactivity.
  • The device will enter Sleep Mode after 180 seconds of inactivity. Press any button to wake up the device.

Charging Batteries
Plug Micro USB cable to charge the device, batteries icons will show they are getting filled up.


Color Schemes  Dovpo X Topside Dual 200W Squonk Mod

Dovpo really out did the completion offering eight different color schemes ranging from black to gold.

  • Black
  • Gun Metal
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Silver
  • Green
  • Gold
  • Purple


Specification Dovpo X Topside Dual 200W Squonk Mod

  • Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Size: 54.0 x 42.0 x 88.5mm
  • Power Range: 5.0W-200.0W
  • Temperature Range: 100-315℃/ 200-600℉
  • Display: 0.96″
  • OLED Input Voltage: 6.4V – 8.4V

  • Output Voltage: 0.8v – 12.0v
  • Resistance: 0.08ohm- 3.50ohm
  • Battery: 2 x 18650 High-drain Battery
  • Silicone bottles with a capacity of 10ml
  • Charging: MicroUSB 5V/2A
  • Gold-plated spring loaded 510 pin

Dovpo releases a Carbon fiber 200W Topside Dual Squonk Box

Let’s now look at the safety Features for Topside X dual 200w Squonk Mod.

  1. Battery Reversal Protection
  2. Short-circuit Protection
    1.  If there is a short circuit, when you press the Fire Button, the screen will display “SHORTED.”
    2. If the resistance of the atomizer is lower than 0.08 Ω, when you press the Fire Button, the screen will display “LOW Ω.”
  3. Open-circuit Warning:
    1. If you don’t attach an atomizer or if the coil has a short circuit. when you press the Fire Button, the screen will display “CHECK ATOMIZER.”
  4. Overtime Protection
    1.  The device will cut power after 10 seconds of continuous firing; the screen will display “OVER 10S.”
  5. Over-temperature Protection
    1. If the board temperature goes over 75℃/167℉, the device will cut power; when you press Fire Button, the screen will display “TOO HOT.”
  6. Low-voltage Protection
    1.  If the battery level is lower than 6.4v or either one battery has a lower than 2.9v voltage, when you press the Fire Button, the screen will display “LOW BATTERY.”


Quality and Performance of Topside Dual 200W Squonk Mod

We conducted the preliminary test with the following batteries.

Dual 2600mAh 40A 3.7V discharge batteries.

We wanted to test if Dovpo topside Dual 200W Squonk Mod specifications were true; we wanted to see power ranges above 200W, voltage above 8v and Resistance between a specified range.

PowerResistanceWatt ResultsVoltage Result

We got consistent results against what the manufactures range with a plus or minus 8W difference. The mod outperforms maximum Power range of 200W Which we expected. The preliminary test results are fantastic, and we can conclude the mod is unto industry standards. During our tests, no excessive heating or hot spots were detected; the mod was stable and produced great flavor and vapor.


Bottom Line Questions?  FAQ

Can you vape while squonking?

Yes.  We tested squonking while vaping, and it was great. Dovpo says you can even vape while charging, but we don’t recommend you vape while charging any vape device.

Does it Squonk? How is the squonking feature?

The Mod Squonks great when the e-juice level is higher than 50% mark on the bottle and the juice pressure is excellent. But when the e-liquid level drops below 5ml, the squonking pressure drops, and it takes longer for the juice to flow into the RDA.

How long does the battery last on the topside dual?

With dual 18650 For heavy vapers, it should last for 12 hours or more, for regular vapers battery may last up to 2 days given the fact that you’re vaping at 80-100W.

What are the cons of the Mod?

  1. One of the main cons of the Dovpo Dual mod is the Temperature Control Mode. Unfortunately, the mod doesn’t perform well when tested at 450 °F (ca. 232 °C) the mod gives you a warm vape at first, but 2nd and 3rd attempt is a total failure. We couldn’t get good vapor and flavor production using TCR modes.
  2. Battery door need redesigning
  3. Squonking pressure at 5ml (half level) Squonking pressure is low
  4. The screen cut off glitch > if you upgrade the issue gets resolved
  5. No Pre Heat settings

How Do I Register My Dovpo Topside 200W Dual?

You may visit https://www.dovpoecig.com/product-registration.html

How do I check if my Dovpo Topside 200W is Legit or a Genuine product?

Scratch off the silver coating and visit http://wap.it3qc.com/2018/7/dovpo/ make sure you enter the code correctly. Case sensitive.

How do I Upgrade Dovpo Topside Squonk mod firmware? (Upgrading Mod software)

    1. Turn on the device and Hold both Fire button and “-” Button to enter the menu, you will see TC options for your Topside!
    2.  In Temperature Control Mode, hold both Fire Button and “+” Button to change pre-heat wattage.
    3. Once you have v1.0.1 version firmware, you don’t have to remove the battery if you need to flash alternative firmware to your device.
    4. Watch the video below explaining how to upgrade the firmware.


Video Review

Watch more video Reviews below.


What is inside the Box of Dovpo Topside 200W Squonk Mod

Package includes

  • 1 x Topside Dual Box Mod
  • 2 x 10ml Squonk Bottle Kit
  • 1 x Accessories Bag
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable
  • User Manual
  • Battery Usage Warning



Is the Dovpo Topside 200W Worth the Price Tag?

10ml Squonking capacity, 200W power, Top Fill system, 8 step security features, Zinc Alloy and Stainless steel materials used to make this device, its well worth the price tag.

Topside Dual 200W squonking Mod has outperformed the competition. With its new Top filling system, Dual batteries, OLED  B/W system and its new chipset give you good battery life and fantastic squonking vape experience.


We ranked it number #1 The Best Regulated Suqonking Device for 2019


Don’t forget to check out the Squonk competitors  Vandy Vape Pulse X BF 90W and OHM BOY X Desire Rage Squonk 155W

Dovpo Topside Dual Squonker Box Mod 200W

The Below list contains best prices for the Topside Dual 200W


$67.95 $99.99
Offer vapordna.com
Last update was on: 2021-10-10 1:18 am

Dovpo Topside Squonk Box Mod 90W ( Ships Internationally)

$69.90 $97.90
Offer vapesourcing.com
Last update was on: 2021-10-10 1:18 am

designed by the Vapor Chronicles and Dovpo, which is constructed with food grade Stainless Steel, Zinc Alloy and Aluminum Alloy to make it moderately impact-resistant in an ergonomic shape and ensures safety and provide you healthy vaping experience. On the control face, you will see a 0.96 inch OLED display with a vertical menu that utilizes blue font for easy viewing. Powered by a single 21700 battery, the Topside can fire up to 90W maximum output with switchable power, bypass, and temperature control modes. Besides, the mod also equips a 10ml silicone e-juice bottle which supports the top filling. 2 colors are optional.


News update: Dovpo Releases a new Dovpo Topside Dual 200W Carbon



9.8Expert Score
DOVPO Topside 200W Squonk mod Review Overall Great Sqounk mod, innovative top fill method and great 200W Power Mode makes the device a league of its own.
Durability (Stainless and Zinc Alloy )
Market Hype
  • Top Fill Method
  • Color options were Great
  • 8 Different Security Settings
  • Great Build Quality and Paint
  • Dual Suqonker
  • 200W Power Mod
  • Great LED B/W Screen
  • Can handle 28 mm Attays
  • Great Menu System
  • Beautiful Design
  • Vape While Charging
  • TCR mod Needs Improvements
  • TC Mod is not accurate
  • Battery Door needs improvement
  • Sqounking pressure reduces after 5ml e juice
  • No PRE heat Options

Additional information

Specification: DOVPO Topside 200W Squonk mod Review


88.5 mm x 54 mm x 42 mm


0.96 OLED







Battery Compatibility

Dual 18650

Charging Port

Micro USB Port – 5V/2A

Upgradable Firmware


Material Used

Zinc alloy
Aluminum alloy
Stainless steel

Active Modes

VW Mode
Bypass Mode
TC Mode
TCR Mode

Juice Bottle Capacity

10ml Silicone Bottle

Thread Type

510 spring-loaded
Leak Resistant 510 base

Color Options


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