How We Conduct Vape Reviews

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Method of Conduct

Before we select a product or service, we check customer engagement with the brand, and if the product or service meets the organizational standards, we consider reviewing the product. We do this to protect consumers and buyers from product misconduct.

Product information is collected and processed via many online and offline sources.  Mainly product information comes directly from the manufacturers or the official organizations. We also use forums, websites, stores, brick, and motor stores direct consumer reviews to learn more about the product or service.

All consumers can comment on any product or service related to the vape industry on our website. We will consider reviewing your feedback.

We conduct paid reviews on product usage, consumer experience, and consumer engagement. You may contact us if you need a product or service to be reviewed by us. Please note we conduct independent reviews, you may offer pointers, but we base the final report on what we examine.

If you wish to get your product or service reviewed, contact us using the form below.

General guidelines

We use these as guidelines to understand the product and what it brings to the table. We are most interested in customer engagement and how customers feel after they use the product and services; rather than the brand or service itself.


We will look at the usability and sustainability of the product design, including environmental impact and carbon footprint.


The materials used in producing the product. We look into product Range, Brand, color, size, and accessories.


Product Alterations, Product Color options, Packaging TPD Options


Overall usability of the product or service. This is where more manufacturers fail. We look into Product acknowledgment, user manuals, guides, tools, and presentations.


Value is the most critical factor for our customers. We offer prices Vs. Cost, compare prices, and finally, value for money.

If you wish to contact us regarding other matters please use our contact us page.

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