Best Vape Box Mods 2019

lets take a look at best vape mods 2019

Looking for the Best Vape Box Mod 2019 ? We got you covered.

Here are the top 10 vape box mods for 2019 including a comprehensive beginners buying guide. You will find beginner friendly vape starter-kits and high wattage advance box mods. There is no such thing as a perfect mod however what makes it perfect is combining a vape mod of your choosing and pairing it up with the correct atty (rdta, rta, mtl) . This is the key to perfecting your vaping experience.

if you’re new to vaping please read the box mods 101 guide below that gives you an overview of the mods available and two examples on how you may choose correct mod for you.

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9.7 Expert Score


$54.99 $96.00
Last update was on: 2020-01-19 10:01 am

he Modefined Sirius 200W Box Mod is a dual 18650 powered box mod with the maximum output of 200W with a classy design, and a temperature control suite. The Sirius is constructed with durable die cast Zinc alloy and the ergonomic chassis design has anodized aluminum faceplates for a premium feel. The Sirius has a four button design with an intuitive mounted display screen that displays the essential factors that vapers need to see. On top of the Sirius are solid stainless steel 510 connector with a spring loaded nickel plated brass pin for optimal conductivity. The Sirius supports Nickel, SS316, Titanium, a TCR mode, and bypass mode. The batteries are housed through the bottom latch door of the Sirius and can be charged via USB. The Sirius 200W by Modefined is definitely a great device to pick up for the pure power and the pleasing aesthetic look!

#2 Asmodus Minikin 2 Kodama Edition 180W TC

Last update was on: 2020-01-19 10:01 am

Asmodus Minikin 2 Kodama Edition 180W TC Box Mod is the ultra luxurious and ultra limited stabilized wood chassis edition of the Minikin 2, a touch screen device capable of outputting up to an astounding 180W of power alongside full temperature control support. Kodama Edition features a beautiful full stabilized wood shell, featuring swirling patterns of resin and wood grain to create truly unique showcase devices. The Minikin 2 is the first Asmodus device to implement a 23mm by 12mm OLED Capacitive Touch Screen that features a bright 5 line display and responsive touch adjustment features. The Minikin 2 can be controlled with Swipe and Tap touch controls for intuitive and convenient handling.

#3 YIHI SX Mini G Class Luxury 200W TC GOLD

Last update was on: 2020-01-19 10:01 am

YiHi's SXMini G Class Luxury Golden Limited Edition Box Mod integrates the YiHi SX550J-L chip set which offers tremendous power, accuracy, and sophistication combined with an ergonomic chassis, unique joystick control, beautiful and robust display technology, and a 24k gold plating, photochemical etching, and anodized technique. The SXMini G Class utilizes the SX550J-L Chipset from YiHi, considered their top of the line flagship chipset capable of 5 to 200W of output alongside the SXi-Q Intelligent Taste Curve technology, full temperature control support, Bluetooth support, and precision and accuracy that rivals the best available on the market.

#4 Vaporesso LUXE 220W TC

$72.99 $79.99
Last update was on: 2020-01-19 10:01 am

The Vaporesso LUXE 220W TC Starter Kit is a new flagship platform; The LUXE 220W TC Box Mod is paired with the new SKRR Sub-Ohm Tank and latest OMNI Board 4.0 chipset along with an extremely responsive touch interface with haptic pattern and a quick start up speed. The LUXE has a 5 to 220W output range, a 0.03 to 5.0 ohm atomizer resistance range, and several output modes

#5 VOOPOO Drag 2 177W TC NE

$79.95 $105.95
Last update was on: 2020-01-19 10:01 am

The long-awaited update to the iconic VooPoo Drag is here, with all of the highly anticipated features and refinements you’ve requested, in the form of the stunning VooPoo Drag 2! What’s even better than that? This one comes in an incredible Starter Kit featuring the equally gorgeous and potent Uforce T2 Tank! The original Drag made a huge impression on the vaping industry with extremely robust construction, drop-dead gorgeous aesthetics, and the revolutionary GENE chip which raised the bar for power delivery speeds! So what was the problem? The original was large, fairly heavy, and had very angular edges that diminished the device’s ergonomics

#6 Think Vape Thor 200W TC

$39.99 $49.99
Last update was on: 2020-01-19 10:01 am

The Think Vape Thor 200W TC Box Mod is powered by the ST 200 chip, with 5 to 200W output, a full temperature control suite, and a 0.96 inch OLED display screen. The Thor's ST 200 chip provides 5 to 200W output in variable wattage mode with an atomizer resistance of 0.05 to 3.5 ohms. This mod comes with full temperature control suite, able to support nickel, titanium, and stainless steel with temperatures of 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

#7 SMOK MAG Grip 100WTC

Last update was on: 2020-01-19 10:01 am

Smok does it again with another rendition of the Mag with the SMOK MAG Grip Kit , a new ergonomic handle feels great in the hand and does not stay behind with in power with a maximum power output of 100w its sure to satisfy a range of vapers. The TFV8 V2 baby also compliments the SMOK Mag Grip with a very stylish design and comes with 2 coils for all situations. Get yours today!

#8 Vaporesso Switcher 220WTC LE

Last update was on: 2020-01-19 10:01 am

Switch it up with the all new Vaporesso Switcher LE 220W Vape MOD! This incredible customizable vape MOD provides a breadth of color options and a stunning symphony of lights bursting forth in beauty from the palm of your hands. This incredible vape MOD fires up to 220 watts of variable wattage power loaded with an intensely functional temperature control suite that will impress any manner of vaper. Powered by the optimized OMNI Board 2.6 chipset, the Vaporesso Switcher MOD provides a customized curve of wattage and temperature in tandem with an enhanced UI for the vaper looking to chuck clouds and wow crowds in the blink of an eye. This vape MOD features a flashing, breathing and life like configurable light setting that will burst a rainbow of colors at your command. Be sure to buy your Vaporesso Switcher LE 220W Vape MOD today!


$69.99 $109.99
Last update was on: 2020-01-19 10:01 am

The SMOK G 2 PRIV 230W Luxe Edition Box Mod and TFV12 Prince Full Kit is the upgrade of the new small and compact flagship device that follows up the hottest set of the year in the SMOK G PRIV family, packing in a beautiful 2 inch touch screen, an elegant prismatic appearance along with the featured TFV12 Prince Sub-Ohm Tank. The G PRIV 2 Luxe Edition has been designed to integrate all of SMOK's newest and most cutting edge features, design, and output technology into a compact and visually striking chassis.

#10 Geekvape Aegis Legend 200W Kit with Alpha TankTC

$56.00 $148.50
Last update was on: 2020-01-19 10:01 am

Here comes the Geekvape Aegis Legend Kit! It consists of an Aegis Legend MOD and an Alpha sub-ohm tank. The New Aegis Legend is constructed with the unique magnesium alloy material, which is super light and even can float on the water. Powered by dual 18650 batteries, the Aegis Legend fires a maximum output of 200W. The Aegis Legend works with an upgraded AS Chipset, bringing stable performance and powerful output.

What is a box mod?


Define as modified modular box is a square shape electrical vaporizer. With the capacity to regulate wattage and temperature. The main purpose of the box is to connect a power source with the atomizer to heat the coil.

Two types of box mods

Regular vapehybrid mods

Regulated box mods

Ability to adjust temperature, wattage and coil resistance using an intelligent chipset. Has many safety protection features overheat, over discharge and short circuit protection.

MECH vapehybrid mods

Unregulated box mods

Contains no electronic components to regulate temperature and wattage. The circuit is manually connected when the fire button is pressed on the Mod. We cover mech mods in depth in our Best Mech Mods 2019

Six main styles of box mods.

In recent years vape box mods have diversified into many subcategories. Below is a list of box mods classified according to style, type and power.


High wattage box mods

200- 300 watts box mod designed for cloud chasers and competition style vapers. Uses over two 18650 batteries. Most New Mods are 200W TC mods but we have special selection of high wattage box mods.

Best high wattage mods

think-vape-finder vapehybrid

DNA vape mods

DNA is a special chip known for its ability to regulate with 0.0% precision. Considered one of the best chipset in the world. Many manufacturers have incorporated the DNA chip into mods making its own category.

Best DNA mods


Squonk vape mods

Internally hosting ‘squeeze type’ silicone squonk bottle that can be inserted into the device that can carry large amount of e-juice. Has the ability to juice the dripper on-the-go without needing any auxiliary equipment. Build for RDA

Best squonk mods 2019
Squonk vs Regular mods

MECH vapehybrid mods

Mechanical mods

Custom made mods for seasoned vapers use with caution. These are the mods use by Vaping experts. Some Mech mods are fully controlled by a potentiometer so can output above 300W.

Regulated vs Mechanical mods
Best mechanical mods

AIO Vapehybrid

All in one mods (aio mods)

New hybrid type mods smaller than starter kits compact in design has built-in batteries, Atomizers some even have Small Squeeze bottle.


Best all in one box mods
All in one vs starter kits

starter kits vapehybrid

Starter Kit Vape Mods

A must have for every newbie vaper. Comes in many varieties and sizes. May Contain the mod, atomizer, batteries and sub-ohm tank. Something to note about Starter Kit mods the atomizer they provide is Sub-Ohm tank means you are not able build your own coils.

Best starter kits
Mod starters vs Pod starters

Five types of box mod based on power.

You can further categorize box mods based on the power. Most common batteries are 18650 next in line are the 20700 slightly larger in capacity and have a higher power output compared to 18650 but are more expensive.

  1. Single battery
  2. Dual battery
  3. triple battery
  4. Quad battery
  5. Build in battery

Benefits of using electronic box mods

Below are the list of most important benefits of using box mods, we didn’t want to dive deep into all the benefits so we created a more overall list. Please write in the comments section benefits that you think that we must include.

  1. Regulate temperature
  2. Controllable power output
  3. Interchangeable batteries
  4. Interchangeable atomizers
  5. Sub ohm vaping
  6. Build in safety protection
  7. custom vaping experience
  8. selecting the right mod for you.

General guidelines

Now we have discussed all the variations of box mods out there, now it’s time to choose the correct box mod for you. Here are general guidelines we used to rate many vaping devices, this may or may not apply in all scenarios but hope you get the general feel to deciding what mod to buy.

  1. Design
  2. Durability
  3. Diversity
  4. Quality
  5. value

Achieving Goals

whatever your goal may be the first objective we want you to achieve is to ” stop smoking and start vaping ”
And you can start vaping right away with any mod we have listed above. Use the list provided to get a clear path to the objective you want to achieve so you may be a more satisfied vaper and advocate vaping to your local communities.

Example one:

Let’s say you want a box mod with 6 hours of continuous vaping, portable easy on the pocket, shockproof and less than $80.00

design: mid size
Diversity: select dual 18650
Why? Because you need continuous vaping for 6 hours plus the portability factor.
Durability: shockproof body construction
Quality: zinc alloy or stainless steel construction
Value : <$80

Best mod with the above criteria would be the Aegis Legend.
Here is why?
Compatible with dual 18650 batteries. Water and shock resistance. The mod uses up to six different materials to achieve the style and extreme durability.
Finally, price is less than $60.00

Example two:

You are a stealth vaper and need an ultra-portable vaping device that you can be concealed at a price point less than $70.00. But want to try different e juice flavours every time you vape.
Design: ultra compact
Durability: build in batteries
Diversity: unibody construction
Quality: machined chassis
Value: <$70.00
Best mod with the above criteria would be the lost vape orion.
Here is why
Internal 950mah rechargeable battery. Dna go board 3ml refillable cartridge design with price point less than $70.00

Read about other vape box mod types and find out what mod best suits you needs. If you need help we’re always here to help please contact us.

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